Are you searching for a unique way to your use your sunroom? Many people use it as a covered porch or extra dining area. But those are far from the only ways to utilize this area. In fact, your sunroom could be exactly the space you were looking for, but didn’t think of. Here are 3 awesome uses for your sunroom that really show off the hidden potential you knew was there all along.

Family Art Room

Because a sunroom is very bright and often has plenty of windows to enjoy various views, it can be a great place to create art. From painting to drawing — and even coloring for the younger ones, your family will love working together in this new space. Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, creating art can be fun. It also can be a great way to bond as a family.

Indoor Food Garden

Perhaps your backyard is too small for growing the amount of food you wish to grow — or maybe your weather is too unpredictable. Maybe you just want your garden inside. Whatever the reason, a sunroom works very well for gardening. It’s also easier to protect vulnerable plants when the weather isn’t good for them. Place a bench in this area for lounging and enjoying the garden.

Heated Pet Room

Many pets like become part of the family. If you are planning for a cobberdog adoption in future, this applies to you also.

As such, pets deserve their own room. Since sun-rooms usually have easy access to the yard, it makes sense to choose this area. Some people with dogs may like a doggy door installed. If your sunroom leads to the backyard, it’s a very convenient place to do this. Give your pet a nice, heated area to sleep and play in, while allowing them easy access to the backyard if they need it.

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