3 Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Wood

If you have old wood from home improvement projects lying around, you don’t necessarily need to burn it or take it to the dump. There may be another way to get rid of the lingering pile. Try repurposing it for things you can actually use around the house. Here are 3 creative ways to reuse that wood for your benefit — and possibly save money in the long run. If you do it right, you also may end up increasing your the value of your home.

Make Flower Boxes

Extra wood can easily be used to make both small and large flower boxes to decorate your home with, inside and out. You don’t need new wood to do this. Old wood creates great flower boxes and can easily be sanded down to a smooth finish, if you wish. Wooden flower boxes can be placed in windows, on the outside of your home, on shelves, in the garden, and more. Be creative.

Build Garden Beds

Garden beds can help make gardening easier on your back. They can also help keep things organized and separate various plants from each other, if necessary. All you need to make these is some old wood. Create your garden beds based on the available supplies. If you need plans, they can be found on many gardening websites.

Make An Old-Fashioned Tree or Porch Swing

This is a simple project a family can do together. Many websites have free project plans for building a tree swing or porch swing. For the tree swing, all you’ll need is some rope, wood, and nails. For the porch swing, you may need some additional hardware or other supplies, depending on the type of swing you create. This rustic-type swing might add extra value to your home, depending on how it’s done.

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