3 Easy Things You Can Make With a Tree Stump

Tired of staring at that old tree stump in your backyard, but don’t want to go for Stump Grinding or move it? You don’t have to. Simply leave it where it is.  You can make a few small changes and repurpose it by trying these and other fun uses. That old tree stump can be way more useful than you thought — and even beautiful too! Keep reading to find out how.

Giant Flower Pot

If your tree stump is hollow, you can skip the first step in this process, which is to remove wood from the center, leaving the outside rim, as well as some wood on the bottom. Next, fill the stump halfway with some potting soil. Then, plant your choice of flowers or greenery inside the stump. This is a great way to beautify your backyard, as well as save money you may have spent on a decorative pot.

Garden Seating

If you need an extra seat in the area that your tree stump is in, simply smooth it down and treat it for use as an extra seat. You can also use this idea for tree stumps or other loose tree trunk sections that are not in the ground. Simply smooth them down, treat them, and place them in the desired area of the yard. You don’t need to have building skills for this unique chair, but it will look great in your backyard at your next gathering.

Outdoor Table

Need an extra place to set things on? Try using a sanded, finished, and treated tree stump. These make great party and garden tables because they’re just the right height and width for this type of usage. If you’re also creating the chairs mentioned above, try to choose a piece for the table that is slightly wider and taller for the most convenient usage.

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