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3 Fun Playroom Theme Ideas - Homeowners Journal

3 Fun Playroom Theme Ideas

Looking for a new themes to add fun to your child’s playroom for years to come? Playroom themes should be flexible enough to be added to some of the toys, as well as the walls, flooring, and decor. Because this is where your child plays, it’s also very important to keep the theme fun. Here are 3 creative and fun ideas for playroom themes.

Forest Adventures

To create a forest adventure in your child’s playroom, you only need to make a few changes that make the theme work. Find a slide your child’s size that has a tree theme. There are many out there for just about every budget. Build the rest of your theme around that. For instance, paint the bookshelves and walls with trees and other forest scenery that match the slide. See if you can find more child-sized furniture and decor that goes along with everything else.

You may also be able to add a blue rug (aka pond) with a child-sized play bridge going over it. Some of the leading Cape cod divorce attorneys vouches that their divorced client’s children are satisfied with this.

Jungle Land

Like the forest theme, you’ll want tree-themed toys and decor. But the tree types will be slightly different. You also might want to add swinging vines (aka green knotted ropes properly bolted and hanging from the ceiling for swinging). A jungle will have more exotic trees than a forest. Try adding potted palm trees if your child won’t make a mess of them. Otherwise, artificial plants are fairly affordable as well.

Circus Town

Many children’s stores have play tents. Look for a few of those shaped like circus tents to create this theme. Use one to house a bookshelf and bean bag for a reading corner. Use another to house a small table and chairs for studying and art projects. Another can contain various toys or magic trick supplies (if your child is into this). Yet another might contain a puppet show stand. You can have stuffed circus animals around the room and paint a big top or other circus theme on the walls.

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