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3 Space-Saving Built-ins You Need - Homeowners Journal

3 Space-Saving Built-ins You Need

Having a variety of built-in options can save your family a ton of space in your home. It can also make you money if you ever decide to sell your home in the future. Built-ins are a very valued feature. There are many reasons why. Here are 3 space-saving built-ins you need for your house.

Dining Room Pantry

Having a pantry that is set into the wall of your dining room saves a great amount of space in the room. Many kitchens have this feature. However, having a pantry in your dining room as well can create extra storage space. This can be useful for bulk food items, family crafting items, extra dinnerware for guests, and more. Because this is a very valuable space to have, it could also help increase the value of your property.

Living Room Entertainment Hub

Sometimes bulky entertainment hubs can be pricey, as well as get in the way of your family activities. They also may take away from the look you’re trying to create in the room. However, built-in entertainment centers are already matched to your room and help keep things out of the way and neat. Because flat screen televisions are in most households, it makes the most sense to have a built-in so that the entertainment storage is in line with the television that will likely be mounted above it.

Office Desk Areas

Most families these days have computers. It’s pretty much a requirement to maintain in our society. Therefore, creating built-in desk areas or space of Private Offices in each applicable room is a great way to save space and make those rooms more useful at the same time. If you have children, this type of space is invaluable, as it helps avoid accidents from tipping over furniture and gives your kids a great space to complete homework and play educational games on the computer.

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