7 Practical Old Home Features Worthy of Keeping in Style

Older homes have some pretty cool design features that have gone by the wayside in modern home design. However, there are quite a few features which can still provide a high level of convenience for today’s homes. Here are 7 practical home features worthy of keeping in style.


These miniature elevators always provided a great deal of convenience in older homes, so it’s surprising that you don’t see them more often used today. Being able to not have to carry heavy objects up and down the stairs is definitely useful. Today, they can also be motorized rather than hand-operated. More of today’s homes could have these.

Dutch Doors

Named after the Dutch American settlers that they became popular with, Dutch doors are literally traditional doors that are cut in half. While today storm doors serve a similar function, Dutch doors have a timeless aesthetic appeal. Keep the bottom half closed and the top half open to let in natural light and fresh air. They’re also relatively easy to make for little additional cost.

Interior Pocket Shutters

Pocket shutters aren’t just a cool architectural design feature. For those that have space in their home design for deep window jambs, such as homes with thick brick walls, these pocket shutters can offer not only privacy, but extra insulation and protection from the elements.

Laundry Chutes

We all know how laundry can pile up in the wrong places in the house. It’s a wonder that so many homes are designed without laundry chutes nowadays. While not every home has a dedicated laundry room, having a designated area for the laundry to go simplifies one of the most common chores that has survived the centuries.

Picture Rail Moulding

Have a bunch of artwork or photos to hang but don’t want to destroy your walls with hammering nails? An “old school” solution to this is picture rail moulding. This moulding aligns with the tops of windows rather than the ceiling, allowing you to hang your pictures from it by providing a solid place to hammer your nails. If you’re into this interesting design feature, it looks pretty cool.

Sleeping Porches

Looking for a way to add outdoor living space to your home? Sleeping porches are an “old school” way to do just that, providing a place that you can actually sleep during the warmer months. They originally became popular due to the belief among health professionals that fresh air is good for your immune system. Fresh air is always good, and plenty of example still exist in older homes today. If you’re looking to upgrade your balcony, deck or porch, this is a great option to consider.

Transom Windows

Not only do transom windows add a certain elegance to the design of door frames, but they have a couple of very practical uses, as well. They let in natural light, especially above entry doors. Also, those that can open provide extra air circulation. They’ve been around since before homes had electricity, but they still can serve the same purposes today.

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