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A Guide Raise Your House Sell Value by Remodeling Your Old Kitchen - Homeowners Journal

A Guide Raise Your House Sell Value by Remodeling Your Old Kitchen

Believe it or not, many people think that the kitchen is the most vital point in a house. But does a new kitchen help you to sell your house? According to the Houzz Kitchen Study, 43% people who are interviewed for the Houzz Kitchen Study say that they don’t like the “old kitchen” with 43% following closely saying that they would love to update their kitchen once they got enough money. From the description above we can make a conclusion that having a good kitchen is attractive to some and could be one major sell point to sell your house.

However they are some things you need to consider in order to sell a house, a big renovation of your kitchen could reduce the amount of money you receive from the sell and won’t be profitable at all. To avoid those kinds of situation, here we have a guide on how to raise your house sell value by remodeling your old kitchen.

  1.    Make a renovation list

Potential buyers are usually looking for some properties that need to be less renovated, that is why a house that hasn’t been renovated yet will look less attractive to them and won’t be sold at a high price than a home that has been renovated. To avoid an over renovation budget be sure to list the things you will renovate in your house including your kitchen. There are things you can consider such as exterior and interior painting, repairing some of your kitchen set, as well as the water system.

  1.    Make A budget approximation

After you make a list of what to be renovated, it’s time to make a budget approximation! Write all those renovated lists and make a quick internet search of all the prices as well as the renovation service you could get on the internet, look at the total amount and compare it with your budgets. If your budgets are minimal, you can also work on the renovation by yourself.

  1.    Time to do the makeover

Now that you know your budget and its budget approximation, it’s time to do the renovation. If you want to do the renovation by a professional, the budget you need to spend might be huge considering that the most inexpensive kitchen remodeling columbus oh could cost you $10.000 to $22.000. But if you want to short cut the cost, you can just buy a new laminate benchtop and just repair the rest of your old kitchen set. You can re-paint, replace the old fittings, repair the sagging and sticking drawers,  as well as remove the old kitchen wallpaper by yourself which will cost you lower than $10.000 and with some efforts and patience, your new kitchen would be ready!

That is all about a guide to raise your house sell value by remodeling your old kitchen. So does the kitchen renovation sell your house? The answer is up to you. It is true that remodeling it might give your house more value, but you also need to remember that the value not only lies with the kitchen alone but the whole area of your house. It will be better to do all remodeling if you have the budget, or you can always do it on your own and having a cost-cut.

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