Backyard Patio or Deck? Which is Right for You?

Deciding whether you’d like a patio or deck in your backyard can depend on several factors. Weigh the following options with your family, as well as a professional contractor to figure out what works best for your current needs and desires.

How Big is Your Yard?

Is your backyard large or small? Think about the type of space needed to achieve your overall goals. A contractor can help with exact plans and measurements. However, you can estimate what may or may not work ahead of time to speed the process. A deck may work better in smaller spaces, simply because it can contain multiple levels. On the other hand, a patio may work in this situation instead, if it will serve multiple purposes that need to be on lower ground.

What is Your Lifestyle?

Would a deck or a patio be more convenient to the kitchen if you plan to use it for cooking? Is your family likely to hang out on the deck chatting and barbecuing for longer periods? Would your family rather have an open space more convenient to the yard for running back and forth? Consider the activities your family would use a backyard deck or patio for when deciding which is best.

How Much Room Will You Need?

Is your family small or large?  How many people or pets would be likely to use the deck or patio area? Don’t forget to think about potential guests. Consider the available space for both options and determine which would work best for the most people you’re likely to have in the area. This will help avoid issues once it’s already been built.

Which Materials Are More Convenient?

What type of activities will you be doing on the deck and which materials suit those activities best? If your kids might want to use riding toys, a concrete or tiled patio may give a smoother ride than a wood- planked deck, due to the spaces between boards. On the other hand, waterproof decking board might be more ideal for those who would like a low – maintenance material.  Your contractor can explain various options and help you weigh benefits and drawbacks for each.

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