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Basement Waterfall Ideas - Homeowners Journal

Basement Waterfall Ideas

Basement Waterfall Ideas

If you’re looking to add some unique ambiance to your basement, you may consider installing some sort of waterfall structure. Water is not only a great feature from a design perspective, but is also a way to make your basement a destination spot in your home. Some of the leading attorneys in estate planning Plymouth testifies that they are satisfied with waterfall structure.

Depending on the size and configuration of your basement, there are many different options to choose from. Here are just five potential waterfall choices for your basement.

Waterfall Wall

Have a blank wall that you don’t know what to do with? Perhaps a waterfall wall can be the solution to add some flair to an otherwise boring side of your basement. Providing a focal point isn’t the only advantage. It can be relaxing to watch after a long day of work, so you’ll probably want it in plain view of a seating area. A waterfall wall can make your basement the perfect evening or weekend retreat.

Waterfall In a Waterfall Bar

Many folks like to have a bar in their basement. So why not give your family, friends, and guests something to talk about when they visit your basement? A waterfall bar adds an extra element to your basement bar area. You can add varied colored lighting for added effect. Since you already have plumbing for your bar sink, it’s not much of an added cost except for the waterfall equipment itself.

Stand-Alone Water Fountain

Have some open floor space in your basement that may be put to better use? A stand-alone water fountain isn’t something you’d usually consider for your basement, but with the right plumbing, it can be done. It may not be right for every basement, but in those that you can, it’s definitely a difference maker in the personality of your basement. Very likely you could get your basement water fountain featured in a home design magazine, since it’s not something you see everyday.

Waterfall Sauna

If you’ve ever dreamed about having a sauna in your basement, you may actually be able to do so. Why not go further and make it complete with its own waterfall? Having a rocky facade behind it makes it feel like you’re actually at a high-end sauna at a resort! Like with the waterfall bar, you can use LED lighting to add ambience. You’ll definitely want to talk with your contractor about the details of what exactly you can do and just how far you can go with it.

Waterfall Wading Pool

If you have small kids, installing a wading pool is an option. Adding a waterfall to make it special could make it the most attractive feature of your basement. This takes a fairly large basement, but the pool only needs to be about two feet or so deep. So if you have the space, it’s not all that hard to do if you’re already completely redoing your basement. It’s quite an undertaking considering the excavation and plumbing work involved. However, it makes for a year-round getaway that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

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