Choosing Flooring For Your Bathroom

Choosing flooring for your bathroom may seem overwhelming at first. There are many choices to consider, between textures, shapes, designs, and more. Thinking about all the various bathroom flooring options out there may leave you confused and indecisive.

By keeping a few simple (but important) things in mind, your task will be much smoother.

What’s Your Texture Preference?

Most likely, your bare feet (and those of any other household members) will be on the bathroom floor at some point. Think about how each texture will feel when you step on it. You don’t want something that might feel too rough, cold, or otherwise undesirable. If you’re unable to take small samples home to test them out, feel them with the palm of your hand. The sensation will be similar to what you’ll feel on your feet.

Choose Appropriate Materials for Moisture

Remember that any flooring placed in a bathroom is prone to being exposed to a great deal of moisture. This is why it is not recommended to have carpet installed in a bathroom. Choose flooring that is less likely to collect moisture or mold. This is one reason many people choose faux hardwood flooring or ceramic tiling for bathrooms. However, there are other adequate choices as well.

Consider Personal Style

In addition to moisture issues and texture preferences, you want to choose a flooring type and design you’ll be happy with, while going in for a home improvement plan. Think about the decor you’ll have in your bathroom and choose something that accents it well. If you might sell your home in the future, choose something that fits your style, but is also versatile. This way, future homeowners won’t have to change too much. On the other hand, if you aren’t overly concerned about selling in the future, don’t be afraid to go all out if that’s your style.

Those who are holding homeowners insurance policy, needs to inform the company of the renovations made, if your bathroom underwent home improvement.

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