How Many Water Heaters Should You Have?

Water heaters are a must. But how many are appropriate for your residence? Is just one enough or should you have more than one? When choosing how many water heaters should be in your home, there are many things to consider.

Consider the Size of Your Home

The size of your home is extremely important when determining how many water heaters to have installed. For instance, a smaller home will likely be served well by just one water heater. However, larger homes may need more than one to satisfy all needs adequately. Calculate the size of your home by visiting this link.

How Many Bathrooms and Kitchens Do You Have?

Homes with more than one bathroom or kitchen will likely use much more hot water than those with just one of each. Therefore, if you have more than one bathroom or kitchen, you might consider having more than one water heater. This can be especially true in homes where they’d all be used at the same time oten.

Do You Have a Washing Machine, Heated Pool, or Sauna?

Homes with a washing machine, heated pool, or sauna will use considerably more hot water than those which do not. This is assuming those items would be used. When deciding how many water heaters are needed, think about these and other fixtures that may use a large amount of hot water.

How Many People Are in Your Household?

The number of people in a household can greatly influence the number of water heaters needed. A home with only one person would use considerably less hot water than a home with four or five people. Consider how many people live in your home or visit on a regular basis to determine how many water heaters are needed.

How Often is Heated Water Used?

Obviously, the most important determining factor is going to be figuring out how much hot water is used overall. In some instances, even people with more than one bathroom may be well served with just one heater, if the usage is still low enough to be handled only by one. An experienced contractor can help you figure out the perfect solution for your specific needs.


Do you have Natural Gas or Oil Available?

If you have propane, oil, or natural gas available to you, these fuels are able to heat your hot water faster. If you are running these fuel sources, make sure you find a great home heating oil delivery near you.



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