How to Find Reclaimed Materials for Your Kitchen Remodel

There are many recycled materials available on the market today that are both less expensive and more eco-friendly than traditional materials. However, you can go one step further and look into reclaimed materials. The best part about reclaimed materials is that sometimes they can cost you next to nothing and are generally readily available.


One of the best things to do once you have your kitchen planned out is to look for old kitchen displays being sold off. While you may have to paint them to match your existing cabinetry, finding cabinets you can use will save you potentially thousands of dollars. These displays are often priced to move quickly, since otherwise they are going to some surplus yard which will only give them pennies on the dollar for what they are really worth.

However, keep in mind that often you have to buy the display as-is, meaning you could end up with a lot of extra pieces you don’t actually need. The best thing to do with these is to list them on a local Facebook group or Craigslist. Someone will come grab them, especially if you price them very low or for free by the sidewalk.

When it comes to wood cabinets, there are many ways that they can be repurposed. If the bones of the cabinets are sound, you may just look into making new doors to match the style you want. Redooring can be as expensive as mid-price cabinets, however, so you’d have to get the cabinets for a steal. It’s also easy enough to restain or paint old cabinets to make them look new again! It’s especially good if you can reuse some of your old cabinets in the process. If you’re looking to have custom cabinets built, you can ask about reclaimed wood options.

Countertops and Backsplashes

While out shopping for used showroom displays, you want to check into counter-tops, as well. However, if you need it to be resized, the additional labor cost may not be worth it to you. Also, you may end up with a countertop that you don’t need or want if you purchase a used kitchen display to use the cabinets. If there’s nothing wrong with, someone will probably give you money for it that can go towards your own countertop. Again, kitchen displays are often sold as-is, so if it’s part of one with cabinetry, just keep in mind that you’re stuck with the whole thing. It may still be worth the price, however.

The good news is that some showrooms and kitchen remodelers will sell surplus countertops at a low price, especially if they were returned. While this isn’t quite as good as being reclaimed, you can still save a lot of money here. The best possible thing to do is to look on local classified websites or Craigslist for counter-tops from actual kitchens, bars, or even bathrooms that would otherwise be going into the trash.

Second hand concrete counter-tops made of ready-mix concrete is also available.

Another thing you can do to find reclaimed materials is for backsplashes. You may be able to find discarded counter-top samples from big box retailers and showrooms. While it’s not going to be enough for an entire counter, you may be able to incorporate these pieces as a backsplash.

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