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How to make the bar in your house look cooler using recycled material - Homeowners Journal

How to make the bar in your house look cooler using recycled material

Most of us enjoy having a drink or two in the company of friends and family, maybe watching a sporting event or celebrating someone’s promotion. Whatever the reason, having guests home is something we do once in a while. Many of us also like to have those moments in a separate area that doesn’t interfere with the rest of the house and where your visitors and you can have fun without worrying about annoying anyone. Because of this, many of us have a bar in our houses either at the corner of the living room or as another room. We also think that decorate it will take too much money, however, that is not the case. You can recycle a lot of the things you have used in those fun nights to make your bar look as one person would pay to be in.


Beer is the most popular beverage therefore, you will have many of them to create very neat and original things. They come in different colors as well so you can play with that to design completely new things. They don’t take too much time and effort and will last a long time. You could smash them with a hammer and paste them somewhere, pile them up to make a sculpture, nailed them into the walls, tables, chairs, or anywhere you might think it might look good.


Wine is another popular drink that is hardly ever missing from someone’s celebration. The corks have a very antique look and they can be used to make sings, candles, tables, chairs and even a wine cellar. You won’t need much more than super strong glue or hot silicone to paste them together and you will get a very interesting and unique new item in your bar.


You and your guests might prefer cans most of the time. This is also awesome to make so amusing and entertaining stuff for your bar. You can turn them into tracking lights, sculptures, games, coasters, you name. Their material is very flexible and it would let you fo pretty much anything you can think of with the help of some scissors and glue.


They look cool and they can be used in many different ways. Use them to create lamps, bottle shelving, chandeliers, bottle wicks. They are all very easy to make and they will give an awesome look to your bar. You can keep the labels on or take them off, it depends on your style and the objects you want to create.
This is just a small list of materials you can use to improve the appearance of your bar, you can use almost everything you have around you that you are not employing. Some of these things are beer kegs, parts of cars, tires, old tv, coins, bills, old pictures, maps, baskets, suitcases. You can choose what might suit your vision and by doing this you will have a cool bar and help the environment as a bonus.

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