Small Renovations to Upgrade Your Home

Whether your renovation project involves restoring an old house, bringing it into the present day, or transforming offices into living spaces, there are countless ideas and tips to inspire you. Strive to increase the value of your home and upgrade your family’s living conditions at the same time.

On the outside

Keep your walkway tidy and in accordance with the style of your home. Clear it from leaves or snow, and install outdoor LED lights to make the pathway more inviting. Replace your old front door, or if it is still in good shape, prime and paint it fresh; consider different finishes, such as satin or wood grain, to give it new life.

On the inside

Place one or more mirrors in a rather small entryway; this will make the space appear bigger and more welcoming. Install light fixtures overhead and anywhere else you think necessary so that the entryway is well lit. Besides, fixtures with a more unusual design can quickly become the central focus of the space. Brighten up the entryway with colourful and patterned walls and floors, or if you’d like to play on the safe side, use colourful accents against a neutral background. Keep in mind that doors and entryways that look expensive will likely increase your home’s value at first glance.

Upgrade the floors in all rooms; tile flooring is easy to clean and maintain, so it makes sense to use it in the kitchen and bathroom. However, if you are not a tile person, freshen up your bathroom by painting the floors blue.

Give home utility items, including toilets and bath tubs, a much deserved upgrade, and replace old hardware – contemporary light fixtures and handles don’t cost a lot but can make a big difference in any room.

The longer you live in the same house, the more cluttered it is likely to get. So, when you need more storage, make use of built-ins in the bedroom, nursery and even living room. Look for furniture that is made of several pieces and can thus be customized easily.

Seat storage is great particularly in playrooms, but if you don’t want to spend money on expensive sofas with underneath storage, simply purchase one or more narrow bookcases with cubby shelves, place them horizontally on their side, and use the openings as storage room. Be sure to add soft cushions over the top side so that people can sit comfortably.

Wish to achieve the look of built-in cabinets, but you only have freestanding furniture? Add filler panels on each side and on top of the freestanding cabinet, but make sure the colour of the filler panels matches that of the wall, or paint them accordingly.

In the kitchen, add open shelving on a countertop, as the shelves will take more space on the vertical, thus leaving the floor less crowded. To save even more floor space, install swivel stools underneath the table or counter, and consider investing in a pull-out wall-mounted cabinet so that you can use your kitchen walls to the fullest.

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