The Latest Gadgets For Your Home in 2016

Smart items using the latest technology can make life easy at home for you and your family.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Ensure your home is secure with an intercom or with an all-inclusive security kit. Any home will feel safer with an audio-video intercom connected to the Internet and to your smartphone. Besides, the gadget’s Internet connection enables users in different rooms, cities or even countries to hear and see each other in real time.Alternatively, consider a home security kit with multiple functions to monitor and secure your home. The device boasts features like smoke detection, and motion monitoring with sensors that can be adjusted to various sensitivity levels. Moreover, it is equipped with an alarm system and an HD camera and flash that can take pictures when the alarm goes on. Using the latest technology, the gadget enables you to call the police or switch the alarm off via the app. It might be better to choose a kit that runs on batteries so that it is not electricity-dependent.
  1. A smart thermostat enables you to control home temperature with the touch of a button or with your voice. The thermostat even connects to your iOS device so that you are able to turn the heat up or down in each room individually, and even while you are away so that you get a warm welcome home when you get back. Look for devices with few buttons and that are easy to install and use even by children.
  2. A high tech vacuum cleaner for your floors is able to clean up effortlessly no matter how great the mess. There even are floor cleaners with self-cleaning function so that you finish chores much faster. It is better to purchase one that can handle both dry and liquid items; robot cleaners typically combine wet and dry technologies to provide complete cleaning via vacuum, mop, brush and water. More advanced robots are even able to map the room due to their built-in vision sensors.
  3. A smart scale that you can connect to your iPad will help you rescale recipes and replace ingredients easily. To enhance your kitchen experience, some scales come with apps that walk you through baking recipes, while other models even show the calories and total proteins, carbohydrates, fibres, fat (saturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, total) and sugars, fatty acids and cholesterol in your food, and weighs it in both grams and ounces. The gadget is ideal not only for athletes and diabetics, but also for people on a diet, as well as for those who are mindful of what they eat; it is a gadget for the whole family.
  1. A smart home automation system is in fact one single gadget to connect, monitor and control all of your smart home appliances, such as high tech vacuum cleaners, washing machines, air conditioners, motion sensors, etc. The communication with smart sensors and appliances is done by connecting the LCD display to your smartphone. You can also synchronize the console to your personal calendar via dedicated apps, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.


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