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Tips on Safeguarding Your Home - Homeowners Journal

Tips on Safeguarding Your Home

Outside threats

You cannot completely proof your property against break-ins, but there are some things you can do to make it more secure and less inviting to burglars. Be sure to protect not just your home, but also your garage, basement and other buildings you may have on your property in order to prevent burglary.

Lock your house, windows, garage, and power supply. Use a single key for all windows, install shutters, fit the front door with a deadlock and a peep hole, and replace your old door with a solid core one. Avoid lending your keys to anyone (this includes installers, painters and other handymen whom you haven’t checked thoroughly in advance). Also, make sure any in-window air conditioners are secure in place. At night and while you are away, lock your cat or dogs doors, if it is large enough for a person to crawl in through it.

Make sure there are no trees in front of your house that might provide cover to thieves; tall and thick vegetation is especially bad close to windows and doors. Install movement sensors and automatic lights throughout your property, not just on your front lawn; flood lights are particularly useful near your front door, garage, and basement entrance. In case you notice a broken street light, don’t delay and call for a replacement as thieves may take advantage of the darkness?

You don’t have to be paranoid, but try not to show off your expensive belongings that may attract burglars. Safeguard jewelry, money and other valuables in a safe that you can easily install inside your home. Consider marking these valuable items with ultra-violets, and compile a list of your belongings in case your property is broken-in.

Install an alarm system, plus a window alarm that will alert you in case your windows get smashed.

A timer outlet is a handy gadget when you are away for lengthier periods of time. You can set the timer to turn on your lights, TV, radio and other appliances at random, so that it will look as if you were home. Moreover, tap into the power of communities – neighbors are important because you can ask them to keep an eye on your property until you get back.

Inside threats

However, Burglars aren’t the only threat. Water leaks, excessive humidity, smoke and CO2 can also affect your home and family, and you should take measures against them as well. Take proper care of wall mounted heating and cooling units.

Therefore, consider installing a water monitor with sensors that will detect water leaks around the toilet and sink, and alert you right away. Since humidity can lead to condensation and mold, a humidity detection sensor is yet another handy gadget. When condensation levels are too high in a specific room, the monitor automatically activates the ventilation fan to bring them down to acceptable levels.

Finally, a carbon monoxide and smoke detector alerts you when there is trouble; high tech detectors can send the alert directly to your smartphone so that you can report the CO2 leak right away.

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