Upgrading to Automatic Plumbing Fixtures in Your Master Bathroom

Automatic and electronic plumbing fixtures are growing more popular as homeowners realize the convenience and other benefits they hold. There are quite a variety of options to choose from, starting with styles, features, sizes, and more. Your contractor can help you decide what works best in your home and for your family’s specific needs.

Types of Automatic and Electronic Sink Faucets

It’s a good idea to go over a variety of options when choosing your automatic sink faucet. First, consider the features you’re looking for. Would you like a touch-on model or would you prefer touchless? Touch-on models usually turn off themselves after a certain period of time to help reduce water usage. Touchless models are those that turn on and off using a sensor. Both come in battery powered, as well as electric options. Some may even have digital displays and controls or accompanying or attached soap dispensers.

Once you know exactly what features you’re looking for in your master bathroom, you can move on to decide with your contractor which faucets will fit into your desired sink, as well as fit your personal style. As with other bathroom faucets, prices will vary depending on features. Surprisingly, many are priced in line with non-automatic faucets.

Choosing Automatic and Electronic Toilet Options

Toilets can come with a variety of automatic features. Some may want to go with a simple automatic closing lid. Others may want an automatic flushing system. There are also toilets with automatic personal washing features, as well as those with nightlight options. Consider the preferences you have for a master bathroom toilet, as well as things that would make life more convenient for you. Also think about the available space and what works within that area. Would an elongated or more rounded style work best? What about a wall mount option?

If you’re conscious about saving water, remember to look for a design that incorporates your intended features, but also cuts down on water usage. If you’re a visual or high tech person, consider toilets that feature a digital display and/or remote control system. Your contractor can be useful in helping you figure out which features fit your budget and lifestyle, as well as complement your individual design needs along with the flow and purpose of your master bathroom.

Finding the Right Automatic and Electronic Shower Fixtures

Are you lacking temperature control when you shower? Tired of the water changing from hot to cold too often? Try shower heads that offer electronic temperature display and adjustment. You also may want to consider a remote control experience that allows you to change the water flow, as well as the temperature. Digital shower displays are becoming a growing trend for master bathrooms, as they’re a luxury item that doesn’t cost thousands. Automatic soap dispensers can also be great in the shower, as they can be wall mounted and will save you from having to fetch dropped soap bars from the drain area. Let your contractor know exactly what you need for the best customized experience.

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