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Where Should You Have Your Sauna Installed? - Homeowners Journal

Where Should You Have Your Sauna Installed?

The location of your sauna is very important.  Safety, space, seasons, and more can all be factors in that decision-making process. Have you thought of everything when it comes to choosing an indoor or outdoor location for having good your sauna installed?

How Often Will You Use Your Sauna?

When choosing where to install your sauna, consider how often you’re planning on using it. Is this something you plan to use regularly or just once in a while? If you don’t use it often, you might not want to take up space in certain areas. On the other hand, if you’re going to use it regularly, consider having a special room or structure built just for your sauna.

Who Else Will Use the Sauna?

Think about who else might use your sauna. Do you need a private area or can it be in a multi-purpose room or the backyard? Would guests need easy access to other areas of your home during sauna use?  Do you want to provide that access? Will children be accessing the sauna and will they be able to enjoy it in the area you either to use?

What Kind of Space Do You Have Inside?

If you want an indoor sauna, do you have the proper space for this purpose? If not, are you able to expand on your home to make that a possibility?  Some people prefer an indoor sauna to be near an indoor pool, bathroom, or both. If this is not possible, are you have got your sauna built in an area where those are readily accessible? Is there room for drying and changing? These are all important points to consider.

Which Seasons Does Usage Apply To?

Will you be using your sauna during all seasons or just one? Some people only use their sauna in the summer time.  Consider your seasonal usage, as well as the weather in your specific area during the desired usage seasons. If it’s going to be mostly good weather when you wish to use your sauna, you may choose to have it installed in your backyard or on a deck.

Think About Safety

Think about safety before having your sauna installed. Is the area going to be safe for everyone involved? Will you be able to protect your sauna from invasion, pets, and  children? If anyone with physical disabilities needs to access your sauna, are you building it in an appropriately accessible area? Can everyone who needs to access it do so safely and are there prevention methods to keep them all as safe as possible?

Your contractor can help with some of the tougher points here, as well as go over anything else important. Choosing a location for your sauna is important. But it’s not difficult if you consider these important points and discuss it with a professional, licensed contractor.

Where Should You Have Your Sauna Installed?
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