7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Coworking Office

Are you a small business, startup, or freelancer looking to save costs? It is prudent to rent a coworking space instead of a traditional one. Here are seven crucial things you must consider when choosing a coworking office: –

1. Rental Cost

How much do you need to pay for the coworking space? The rental cost for a coworking space depends on the area you occupy. Typical setups include an open office with private offices for individual companies, a shared desk, a meeting space, and full-service offices. And, any additional amenities like conference rooms, printers and photocopies, and secretarial support will push the rental cost even higher.

2. Your Rental Duration

How long do you need to rent the coworking space? A coworking office has flexible terms to cater to the needs of smaller-scale businesses. You can use the workspace for short or long periods as per your business needs. It is a convenient choice if you are still gauging the market in your current location or when in town to meet clients for a few weeks. And, you can extend or terminate your rental agreement at short notice without incurring any additional costs.

3. Available Resources & Services

Most coworking offices offer administrative assistance like a reception desk, cleaning services, and security staff. Likewise, utilities like electricity, water, and gas are usually part of the rent. And, you may have extra benefits like refreshments, Wi-Fi and printer services, air conditioning, and lockers. Therefore, confirm that your choice of coworking office has the resources and services you will need to work effectively.

4. Natural Lighting

Since a coworking space could be a shared desk or a cubicle in a larger office, consider the lighting design of your designated spot. Working in a well-lit area promotes employee productivity, health, and wellbeing. Hence, pick areas near sunlit windows. Also, seek spaces with smart lighting technology such as remote, sensor, or app-controlled switching off and on for a convenient user experience.

5. Opportunities to Participate in Social Activities & Organized Workshops

If you are an upcoming business that seeks to connect with other enterprises and experts in the industry to form strategic alliances and partnerships, opt for a coworking office with amenities for workshops and social gatherings. Think of amenities like a fully furnished canteen or restaurant, meeting rooms with projectors and sound systems for pitches, sound systems, shareable screens, and stationery supplies.

6. Applicable Terms & Conditions

What are the terms and conditions of renting the coworking office? Check out your rental agreement to pinpoint any applicable penalties and consequences for breaking the lease. Also, ask for a one or two-day free trial before dedicating to the contract. That way, you get a feel of working there before committing.

7. Other Tenants

Who are the other tenants that will share the coworking office with you? Are they in industries with conflicting goals to your business? And, will their interactions with customers and suppliers compromise your productivity? Opt for workspaces next to like-minded entrepreneurs that you can connect with to grow your business. Insist on working as a particular office hub that brings similar enterprises together.


As you decide on the ideal coworking office for your business, involve your employees in the selection process. After all, they are the ones who will spend most of their time at the coworking space. And if you are ever in the need for coworking office space in Boston, Boston Offices, has many flexible options with a great location.

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