Storing Your Boat At Home: Pros And Cons

It’s time to bring the boat in and store it away safely until the summers!

For many, this usually means docking it at the marina hoping that it’ll be enough to protect the boat from freezing water around it. The other option is to bring it inside… literally. Yes, many people bring their boats into their garages for the winters. 

Let’s find it if that’s a good option for you:

Pros And Cons Of Storing Your Boat At Home

At home, you can store your boat in your garage and park it on the driveway. Here’s what that means for you:

Putting Your Boat In The Garage

Unless you have a garage with enough room for your cars alongside your boat, it won’t be easy to drag the vessel inside. 


  • No Cost: Storing your boat in a general storage facility or a dedicated dry storage facility will cost you a significant monthly amount depending on the size of your boat and storage duration. Storing it in your garage will cost you nothing.
  • Elemental Protection: Come rain or shine; your boat will stay dry and away from the wrath of Mother Nature. This reduces the winterization costs of your boat and also calls for less maintenance in the offseason.
  • Security: Keeping it locked away ensures security from critters, thieves, and vandals. 


  • Reduces Garage Space: For the duration that your boat stays in the garage, your car sits in the driveway, dealing with the weather. This will also displace some of the clutter that has been removed from the garage to make room for your boat.
  • Indoor Damages: Moving a boat into your garage will result in you scraping a wall, breaking a pipe, or at the least damaging your floor.

Leaving The Boat In The Driveway

Unless you have access to your backyard and plenty of space inside it, the driveway is your only viable outdoor storage option at home.


  • No Cost: Storing it anywhere on your own property will keep you from paying exorbitant fees to professional storage services.
  • Easy Maintenance: It’s easy to wash the interior, exterior, and underside of the boat when you don’t have to move it. This will make it easier for a professional boat management service to take over when you need them.
  • Stays Infront Of Your Eyes: Keeping it in view, adds some element of security and also acts as a reminder for maintenance.


  • Neighbors: The Home Owners’ Association may see your boat as a threat to peace in the neighborhood and complain.
  • Elemental Damage: Although you can mitigate some of the effects by using a cover, your boat is still at the mercy of rain and snow.
  • Thieves And Vandals: You have just put a boat at the front of your house; thus, it will attract the attention of miscreants and burglars.
  • Critters: squirrels, birds, cats, and rats will attempt to make your boat their home, or at the very least, will be intrigued enough to poke and probe.


There is no denying the fact that boatowners are quite obsessed with boats. And while bringing the boat home feels good, it’s not a feasible idea as far as its security and wellbeing are concerned. 

You’ll get plenty of unwarranted attention with a boat in the driveway, and you can count on unwelcome relatives to try and borrow it.  

A new boat care service is popping up these days, with wet and dry storage facilities and a boat maintenance service for your complete peace of mind. You can park your boat there and pay monthly docking costs to ensure that your boat gets good TLC to help it survive the winters.

So it’s your decision – pay a small fee to protect your boat, or leave it in the driveway for free! 

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